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Kirknewton Community Council

The Community Council is elected every 4 years and is a recognised body to represent their community on issues particularly planning.


From 2021 Kirknewton Community Council will have 12 elected members and the office bearers - Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Planning Secretary are elected by the Community Councillors.

Community Council is also a member of The Joint Forum of Community Councils of West Lothian. Community Councillors can also be elected to sit on West Lothian Council committees as members of The Joint Forum.

The Community Council meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month to discuss relevant issues. 

Current Members

Susan Campbell, Linda Cullen, Vic Garrad, Neil Gwynne, Francis John Lynch, Iain Adam Masterton, Kirsty McKeown, Mary Anne Hamilton Pinkerton, Kenneth George Rees, John Sives, John Thomas, Ian Stewart Watt.

Contact us

You can contact Kirknewton Community Council by emailing

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