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New Defibrillator In Kirknewton Park

Thanks to the successful application to the second West Lothian Town Centre Capital Grants Fund Kirknewton Community Council and the Kirknewton Community Development Trust have been able to purchase and install a new defibrillator and cabinet at the Pavilion. 


Many thanks to Ian Watt from the Community Council for all his hard work in researching which one to purchase and for arranging Scott from Logan Electrical Services to install it.  Scott did a very efficient and professional job for us and is highly recommended.

We have the Cardiac Science G5 defibrillator which is one of the best available on the market.  It is really intuitive and talks you through what you need to do, so no need for training or to be apprehensive.

When you call 999 if the operator thinks you require a defibrillator they will give you location and the code to open the box as the defibrillator is linked to the network.  An ambulance will be dispatched at this time.  Take the orange box and the attached kit.  Send someone else if possible so you can give the patient CPR if required.  

If you have a minute then please have a look at this video so you can familiarise yourself with how to use it.  Powerheart G5 Promo video - ERC - UK English - YouTube

We hope that it will never need to be used but we are happy that we have it there if anyone needs it.  

Please remember there is also still one at Kirknewton Village Shop too if the shop is open and that is closer to you.

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