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Charles Jencks. 'A Stone's Progress'

To the East End of the Village there is a major new art work by Charles Jencks. 'A Stone's

Progress', developed over three years thanks to hundreds of volunteer hours and funded by

West Lothian Council Grassroots Public Art Grant and the Kirknewton Community

Development Trust.

You may be familiar with Charles work at Jupiter Artland and the Museum of Modern Art in


Take a walk through the artwork while still a work in progress below.

Charles Jencks a stones progress 1-4-22.jpg

All about a Stone's Progress

From the artwork you can view the site of Kaimes and Dalmahoy Hill and the original iron age fort of

Kirknewton, where basalt stones were used as defensive walls protecting thirty houses, 2000BC.

This artwork depicts this and more.

Read more about the Excavations at Kaimes Hill here

Excavations at Kaimes Hill Download

You can read about the history and geology of Edinburgh and West Lothian here

Charles Jencks produced two brochures explaining the background and thought process of the

project here. Here is the first and second brochure (you can read this via issuu)

We had been hoping to do some finishing touches and a musical pieve around the opening of a

Stone's Progress but that is currently on hold due to the current situation. However you are more

than welcome to walk around the site.

That said we welcome your photographs and artwork of the artwork to add to this part of the

Kirknewton website for others across the world to enjoy. Send them to as

a jpeg

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